Sunday, July 23, 2017

Veronica Guiliani School adn St. Joseph Church kighyoko

A new school built and now waiting for new academic year to begin and the school will function...the locality is very poor and dry area....but the locals are waiting for the friars to begin as early as possible..the children go to town which is far away
 The parish choir....come every Saturday to practice
 The new school entrance,,,,administrative block

 it looks very nice.....hope it becomes a centre of learning to poor people around

 the classrooms.....there 8.....

 the parish church...

 road is fine now but in gets muckier

Meeting with Custos and Council in Nairobi...

 Norbert and me met the Custodian and council..briefed them about our visitation....the positive and some challenges that are in the custody....we spent three hours together....initially decided to have only one hour but it was interesting and useful to talk and speak on many fraternal issues..

 The New Custodian curia which is under will be ready by January 2018

 It is a big project.....they still need some financial support

 Future Capuchin!!!! very friendly child.....along with mother comes for daily to pray to St. Jude..