Saturday, September 23, 2017

Happy Feast to Br. Pio Murat, General Councilor

 Our Br. Pio Murat celebrates his feast day today....whole community thanked God for his gift to the Order.....Like a Sun, may he keep shining....Sun rose in Turkey.....went around shining and settled in France...

 Friars listen to what is being spoken by the Guardian about Br. Pio....
 We are always there for you Br. Pio...

 Normally we have poems being recited on the occasion but today Br. Antonio Bielpiede preferred to sing a song.....Mama...Mama....everyone joined him...a popular song...

Midnight Holy Mass in Honor of St. Padre Pio Celebrated by General Minister at San Giovanni Rotondo

 Every year the General Minister presides over the Midnight Eucharistic celebration......
 More than 100 priests and friars conclebrated
 Friars carrying in procession the statute of Padre Pio and Our Lade of Grace
 Posing for a lovely memorable photo
 The Masters of ceremony lead and guide celebrate the Eucharist in a worthy manner

 People nearly 10, 000 ...from all over the world.....reading were done in English, Spanish, polish.....
 There is something behind us.....hallow waiting....
 Marching to the House of God
 Padre Pio pray for us

 Homily which touched the hearts of the people....General spoke about St. Francis and St. Pio....the stigmata both had.....Crosses both carried....inviting all of us to carry our small and light crosses....

 The climate was too rain....but it was a little cold

 The gifts offered to the Lord...

 Lovely choir....

Friday, September 22, 2017

Pope Francis speaks to Human Hearts!!!!!!!!

Enemy No. 1 is not out there somewhere, but inside oneself. "Don't make room for bitter or dark thoughts."
— "Believe in the existence of the most noble and beautiful truths" and trust that God, through the Holy Spirit, is ushering everything toward the good, toward "Christ's embrace."
— Believers are not alone in their faith. There are others who hope, too. "The world goes on thanks to the vision of many people who created an opening, who built bridges, who dreamed and believed, even when they heard words of derision around them."
— Never believe the struggles here on earth are "useless." God never disappoints and he wants that seed he planted in everyone to bloom. "God made us to flower, too."
— "Wherever you are, build!"
— When life gets hard, and "you have fallen, get up. Never stay down. Get up and let people help you to your feet."
— "If you're sitting, start walking!" Start the journey.
— "If you're bored stiff, crush (boredom) with good works."
— "If you feel empty and demoralized, ask if the Holy Spirit may newly replenish" that void.
— Work for peace among people.
   Don't listen to those "who spread hatred and division."
   No matter how different people are from one another, human beings "were created to live together. With disputes, wait patiently. One day you will discover that a sliver of truth has been entrusted to everyone."
— Love people. Respect everyone's journey — whether it be troubled or down the straight and narrow because everyone has a story behind them.
— Every baby born is "the promise of a life that once again shows it is stronger than death."
— "Jesus has given us a light that shines in the darkness; defend it, protect it. This unique light is the greatest richness entrusted to your life."
— Dream of a world still not seen, but will certainly come one day. Think of those who sailed oceans, scaled mountains, conquered slavery or made life better for people on earth.
— Be responsible: "Every injustice against someone poor is an open wound" and countless generations will come after you have lived.
— Ask God for courage every day. "Remember Jesus conquered fear for us" and "not even our most treacherous enemy can do anything against faith."
— If fear or evil looms so large it seems insurmountable, remember "that Jesus lives in you. And, through you, it is he, who, with his meekness, wants to subdue all enemies of humanity: sin, hatred, crime and violence."
— Be courageous in speaking the truth, but never forget, "you are not above anyone." Even if one feels certain that he or she is the last person on earth who holds to the truth, "do not spurn the company of human beings for this" reason.
— Hold onto ideals and live for something greater than yourself, even if it comes at a high price.
— "Nothing is more human than making mistakes and these mistakes must not become a prison for you." The son of God came "not for the healthy, but the sick" so people should not be afraid to get up again and start over when they fall, "because God is your friend."
— "If bitterness strikes, firmly believe in all those people who still work for the good; the seed of a new world is in their humility."
— Spend time with people who have kept a child-like heart. "Learn from splendor, nurture amazement."
— "Live, love, believe, and with God's grace, never despair.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

General Council Meeting.....Formation council meets.....

 Brothers Jaime and Charles Alphonse were present this morning to speak to us about the Ratio Formationis, which is getting ready. They communicated to us the various positive responses they are receiving from various parts of the Order. The second chapter is ready and it is emailed to all the provinces to study in the formation centers and also in the fraternity to give their own reflection and suggestions to make the document more rich and effective.
We also discussed the inter-continental formation meetings where various formation secretaries participated. The method used for these meetings need a little bit of improvement. The suggestions that have come from these meetings are very important…like including culture in our formation curriculum, the clericalism towards which the Order is rushing, inter-culturally the need of the hour. The document will include what the participants would like to be in the document.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Jesus Look at Us....As He looked at St. Mathew!!!!!

 As human beings we look at each other when we meet. We meet people in various places and we curiously look at each other if we meet for the first time. We appreciate each other for beauty, for the person and for many reasons. There are people who love to look at others and thank the Lord for the gift of them. Just look around and we have millions of people we need our look of compassion, love and appreciation. There are so many in the families we need our look of understanding and acceptance. Unfortunately, we do look but for negative reasons. We look at others to find fault and not to appreciate for what they are. There are those who look at others to put them down by pointing at their defects and weaknesses. But we need to look at others so that they could feel our love and compassion. There are those who have been changed and converted with the compassionate and understanding look of the others.
 Jesus always looked at people and gave then an opportunity to change and come back to the Lord. He looked at their hearts and invited them to change. He did not look at their characters but once he looked at them their characters got transformed. His eyes were searching and looking for people whom he could offer love and compassion. He looked at them and got into conversation with them. Today, we celebrate the Feast of St. Mathew……who was a tax collector…Jesus looked at him…He left everything and followed Jesus with hope of change and conversion…The look of Jesus led Mathew to reflect on his present condition as person and had the opportunity to live better life. He offered himself for the service of the kingdom of God. St. Mathew must have prayed like the psalmist who said:  “Search me, O God, and know my heart; Try me and know my anxious thoughts;And see if there be any hurtful way in me, And lead me in the everlasting way”.(Psalm 139:23-24)